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Specific Tournament Rules & Decisions

  • Invitation Hierarchy/Criteria:
    • Last year played
    • Number of years of participation
    • Nomad events played in (member)
    • Nomad events played in (non-member)
    • Rounds posted (member)

    All players must be in good standing to receive an invitation.

  • Supershot Eligibility:

  • Lateral Desert: At Prescott Lakes, Stoneridge and Capital Canyon, as an option or if you cannot find your ball in the desert, you can drop within two clubs lengths from the desert-rough line at a point where the flight of your ball last crossed grass. If any ball is deemed likely to be 'out of bounds' as indicated by markers or fences, this rule does NOT apply. Out of bounds overrules all.

  • Provisionals and Abandon: For speed of play considerations and/or if the above-referenced 'lateral desert' rule does not apply, a provisional ball should be played. If the original ball is found, the player may play the ball normally or 'abandon' the original ball and proceed with his provisional and the penalty stroke incurred.

  • Weather and Official Match: Every effort will be made to complete all rounds including using an early Sunday morning shotgun to finish any uncompleted rounds prior to the Singles matches. If a team is up three (3) holes or more after completing 12 holes, the match is deemed official. All matches will cease on a lightning horn or notification by course staff. Any match can be suspended due to weather if the foursome mutually agrees. If play is suspended during a hole, each player will leave or mark the location of their golf ball. If the golf ball is gone when returning to play, another ball will be placed at the nearest point possible to the original location.

  • Sudden Death: If the Captains mutually agree, they will play against each other (no strokes) until the tournament is decided. Either Captain can opt out by which each Captain will select two players for blind draw. Four-ball format will be used. If the hole is not won, two different players are selected and so on until a winner is determined. Strokes will spin off the lowest course handicap of the tournament. Hole 1 at Antelope North is handicap #7. Since the lowest course handicap of the tournament is 5, only players with a course handicap of 12 (5+7) would receive a stroke if selected. Hole 2 is handicap #9 so any player selected with a course handicap of 14 (9+5) or more would receive a stroke. Honors will initially be decided with a coin flip but will alternate on odd and even holes until the tournament is decided.

  • 70+ or Medical: All players 70+ years and any special medical exemptions made by the tournament committee, will play at least one teebox up from the designated tournament tees.

  • Capital Canyon Tees: Due to carry issues on holes 15 and 18, the tee will be moved up to the very back of the 'blue' tee box. No change in handicapping is necessary.

  • Antelope South Tees: Due to a large discrepancy between yardages from the back two sets of tees, the front nine will be played from the back or black tees and the back will be played from the gold tees. This combination is rated at 70.2 with a slope of 120.

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