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2022 Draft

1. Grimaldi, Paul by Captain Buck, "Mr. Consistent"
2. Seibal, Scott by Captain Byars, "Big Cat with #1 pick."
3. McGuffin, Larry by Captain Byars, ""
4. Slovensky, Mark by Captain Buck, "Numerical Genius"
5. Kush, John by Captain Byars, "1ST Texan off the board"
6. Hendrix, Brad by Captain Buck, "Owes Capt Hendrix a win"
7. Dugas, Brad by Captain Byars, "2nd Texan off the board"
8. Bench, Randy by Captain Buck, "Finally teammates"
9. Carr, Steve by Captain Byars, "but wait, one more Texan off the board,"
10. Semenza, Dustin by Captain Buck, "Mid-Am Ready"
11. Mendoza, Alex by Captain Byars, "Say hello to my little friend,"
12. Winand, Stan by Captain Buck, "OH connection"
13. Dunphy, Joe by Captain Byars, "Picking the vet"
14. Castellanos, Al by Captain Buck, "Good to keep a vendor happy"
15. Killian, Billy by Captain Byars, "One more Texan"
16. Tripoli, Matt by Captain Buck, "My draft picks need some water"
17. Crawford, John by Captain Byars, "Crawdaddy!"
18. McCabe, Mike by Captain Buck, "Welcome Alec Belcher"
19. Ewing, Curt by Captain Byars, "Worth the Wait"
20. Killian, Bill by Captain Buck, "Killer says it all"
21. Seibal, Terry by Captain Byars, "Seibal brothers back together"
22. Fisher, Alan by Captain Buck, "Chef for the house"
23. Batlle, Carlos by Captain Byars, "Los in the house"
24. Janisse, Dale by Captain Buck, "Old hipster engineer with all the angles"
25. Ritchie, Bill by Captain Byars, ""
26. Jackson, Glen by Captain Buck, "the short straw"

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