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2019 Draft

1. Semenza, Dustin by Captain Kid, "and were off!!"
2. Grimaldi, Paul by Captain Sheriff, "Team fire"
3. Slovensky, Mark by Captain Sheriff, ""
4. Seibal, Scott by Captain Kid, ""
5. Hendrix, Brad by Captain Sheriff, "Chips and salsa brother"
6. Bench, Randy by Captain Kid, ""
7. Tripoli, Matt by Captain Sheriff, "Hose B"
8. Dunphy, Joe by Captain Kid, ""
9. McGuffin, Larry by Captain Sheriff, "best available?..I think so"
10. Buechler, John by Captain Kid, ""
11. Ewing, Curt by Captain Sheriff, "Curt not JR Ewing"
12. Dugas, Brad by Captain Kid, "one armed bandit its only right"
13. Crawford, John by Captain Sheriff, "My undefeated partner"
14. Kush, John by Captain Kid, "Texas forever"
15. Steinbeck, Walt by Captain Sheriff, "Walt is the man, sorry Dugan"
16. Castellanos, Al by Captain Kid, "bringing the heater"
17. Paulson, Mike by Captain Sheriff, "Paulson is a lot of fun"
18. Mendoza, Alex by Captain Kid, "mexican mafia, very fitting"
19. Fisher, Alan by Captain Sheriff, "Every team needs a good cook/player"
20. Seibal, Terry by Captain Kid, "back up Terry! Put it in reverse Terry!"
21. Fitzgerald, David by Captain Sheriff, "David not Larry"
22. Byars, Capt by Captain Kid, "TX will not fail this time around"
23. Janisse, Dale by Captain Sheriff, "Another Fireball weekend"
24. Batlle, Carlos by Captain Kid, "I will lead you to victory los"
25. Ritchie, Bill by Captain Sheriff, "Newbies rule welcome Bill"
26. Killian, Bill by Captain Kid, "since theres nobody else left... "

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