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2016 Draft

1. Killian, Billy by Captain Killian, "Play poorly and you are out of the will."
2. Seibal, Terry by Captain Seibal, "Can't split up the Hansen brothers"
3. McGuffin, Larry by Captain Seibal, ""
4. Grimaldi, Paul by Captain Killian, "Always take an Italian with a stick!"
5. Hendrix, Brad by Captain Seibal, "Hopefully no commando kilt this year"
6. Castellanos, Al by Captain Killian, "AC will stand for \"
7. Slovensky, Mark by Captain Seibal, "Got to go with founding father"
8. Mendoza, Alex by Captain Killian, "One two punch, Mexican Mafia"
9. Ewing, Curt by Captain Seibal, "will finally rid himself of greg norman curse"
10. McCabe, Mike by Captain Killian, "I\'ll take him as an unknown and mold him into a fine Slyder Cupper"
11. Rafferty, Capt by Captain Seibal, "Already rookie of the year"
12. Bench, Randy by Captain Killian, "TFG - True Fucking Gamer."
13. Buechler, John by Captain Seibal, "The new bionic man faster stronger..."
14. Dugas, Brad by Captain Killian, "Give me a T for Texas, I\'ll give you a T for he can talk to anyone."
15. Dunphy, Joe by Captain Seibal, "The desert fox"
16. Kush, John by Captain Killian, "Staying with Texans from here on out."
17. Shaffer, Rick by Captain Seibal, "I have a good feeling about this"
18. Byars, Capt by Captain Killian, "San Antonio\'s own, Mr. Ray Byars, so he and Dugas don\'t have any angst on car ride out."
19. Crawford, John by Captain Seibal, "Coming in hot"
20. Batlle, Carlos by Captain Killian, "Italians, Mexicans, Cubans, and rednecks, I have covered all the bases of the cultural rainbow it wo"
21. Janisse, Dale by Captain Seibal, "Sweet Caroline!!!"
22. Tripoli, Matt by Captain Killian, "Matt, this does not mean you are last, or unwanted. We love you."

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