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2015 Draft

1. Seibal, Scott by Captain Ewing, "Exorcizing the Jensen Jinx!"
2. McGuffin, Larry by Captain Shaffer, "LMAC my man, eats Flag Ranch up"
3. Grimaldi, Paul by Captain Shaffer, "When in doubt, go with the best player"
4. Carr, Steve by Captain Ewing, "Will Rule w/o captaincy!"
5. Slovensky, Mark by Captain Shaffer, "Sloman my mentor"
6. Seibal, Terry by Captain Ewing, "bogey, birdie, beer. Repeat."
7. Mendoza, Alex by Captain Shaffer, "Mr. Lincoln"
8. McCabe, Mike by Captain Ewing, "OK, either I\'m being set up or..."
9. Castellanos, Al by Captain Shaffer, "2nd half of the mafia"
10. Dugas, Brad by Captain Ewing, "the Mad Bomber fits right in"
11. Kush, John by Captain Shaffer, "Ray\'s understudy!"
12. Hendrix, Brad by Captain Ewing, "8 in a row, baby!!"
13. Dunphy, Joe by Captain Shaffer, "Coach"
14. Bench, Randy by Captain Ewing, "Gonna kick ass in his 2nd Slyder"
15. Killian, Bill by Captain Shaffer, "Killer!!!"
16. Byars, Capt by Captain Ewing, "Tex V. Mex..."
17. Tripoli, Matt by Captain Shaffer, "Another fighter!"
18. Crawford, John by Captain Ewing, "Gotta have a mule!!"
19. Janisse, Dale by Captain Shaffer, "Where's Mike?"
20. Killian, Billy by Captain Ewing, "Splittin the Killers!"
21. Buechler, John by Captain Shaffer, "Could be the pick of the draft! (Jackson actually)"
22. Batlle, Carlos by Captain Ewing, "Can you say sleeper!!!"

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