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2014 Draft

1. McGuffin, Larry by Captain Carr, "Slo had him ranked #1 as well"
2. Seibal, Scott by Captain Slo, "4 heinie limit"
3. Fisher, Alan by Captain Slo, "Value, value and more value"
4. Paulson, Mike by Captain Carr, "I will take the bionic man"
5. Dugas, Brad by Captain Slo, "Need an inside man"
6. Semenza, Dustin by Captain Carr, "Give me another beast"
7. Hendrix, Brad by Captain Slo, "Double the brads"
8. Buechler, John by Captain Carr, "Bring it "
9. Steinbeck, Walt by Captain Slo, "Keeping his streak alive"
10. Bench, Randy by Captain Carr, "The unknown Texan"
11. Killian, Bill by Captain Slo, "Playing more than he used to"
12. Mendoza, Alex by Captain Carr, "The steady Mex - viva la raza"
13. Dunphy, Joe by Captain Slo, "The grinder, worthy of the first pick but Capt. Carr let him drop"
14. Fitzgerald, David by Captain Carr, "Any friend of Fisher needs to be on my team"
15. Jackson, Glen by Captain Slo, "White T's baby white tees"
16. Seibal, Terry by Captain Carr, "Cant beat em - join em"
17. Castellanos, Al by Captain Slo, "Underplayed but finds a way"
18. Ewing, Curt by Captain Carr, "Bring it on"
19. Byars, Capt by Captain Slo, "Losing captains always play best the year after, swinging freely"
20. Batlle, Carlos by Captain Carr, "Flying under the radar"
21. Crawford, John by Captain Slo, "Partner in crime playing his best ever"
22. Martell, John by Captain Carr, "Show me some love here babeeeeee"
23. Janisse, Dale by Captain Slo, "Need an H-back to go with my offensive line"
24. Shaw, Rick by Captain Carr, "Bring the party my man"
25. Shaffer, Rick by Captain Slo, "Finally an athlete in this draft"
26. Robertson, Matt by Captain Carr, "The most important man in the draft"

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