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2008 Draft

1. Castellanos, Al by Captain Crawford, "I picked up Al 1st because if i didnt Sheriff Joe would"
2. Slovensky, Mark by Captain Jackson, "My early gift to Captain Crawford."
3. Semenza, Dustin by Captain Jackson, "Best player here, no longer green "
4. Seibal, Scott by Captain Crawford, "This former #1 selection still has the heart for it!"
5. Killian, Bill by Captain Jackson, "Never hurts to have a Good Fella on the squad."
6. Paulson, Mike by Captain Crawford, "Out of tent city and ready to roll"
7. Hazlett, George by Captain Jackson, "Tough old nut, lost the other in the war"
8. Dunphy, Joe by Captain Crawford, "Watch out grannys JDs back in town"
9. Mendoza, Alex by Captain Jackson, "Affirmative Action"
10. Pangborn, Jim by Captain Crawford, "This cat loves playing off the trees"
11. Mercer, Doug by Captain Jackson, "Love transvestites from Oregon"
12. Seibal, Terry by Captain Crawford, "Contingent on ban on early cigars"
13. Dugas, Brad by Captain Jackson, "Only 2 things from TX and Brad has no horns"
14. Ewing, Curt by Captain Crawford, "Welcome back brother"
15. Highsmith, Bill by Captain Jackson, "plays better every day"
16. Colaric, Jake by Captain Crawford, "Alright Colaric make it happen"
17. Fisher, Alan by Captain Jackson, "Can't believe he is still available"
18. Shaffer, Rick by Captain Crawford, "Rock and roll Shaffer welcome to Team Boozers"
19. Bigelow, Rob by Captain Jackson, "Bringing action and hookers with him from Vegas"
20. Flannery, Mike by Captain Crawford, "This cat is FLYING under the radar"
21. Beaton, David by Captain Jackson, "This sleeper pick will seal the victory!"
22. Janisse, Dale by Captain Crawford, "FIRE UP THE CIGARS AND CRACK THE HEINIKENS!!!!"

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