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2007 Draft

1. Seibal, Scott by Captain Buechler, "Joining Forces to Create TEAM BRILLIANT"
2. Fisher, Alan by Captain Mendoza, "Rookies have done well, and this rookie is good"
3. Castellanos, Al by Captain Mendoza, "He forced me to take him"
4. Killian, Bill by Captain Buechler, "Just too good of record to pass on"
5. Slovensky, Mark by Captain Mendoza, "I would like him on a winning team"
6. Seibal, Terry by Captain Buechler, "continuing to add to Team Brilliant"
7. Dugas, Brad by Captain Mendoza, "Another long ball hitter"
8. Dunphy, Joe by Captain Buechler, "Nice pick at this round... should have gone higher"
9. Harper, Ryan by Captain Mendoza, "play well on sundays"
10. Shaffer, Rick by Captain Buechler, "another great addition"
11. Pangborn, Jim by Captain Mendoza, "The year of the rookies"
12. Gilman, Shane by Captain Buechler, "Bill's secret weapon"
13. Janisse, Dale by Captain Mendoza, "Since we are the A team, I'll take a Canadian A"
14. Crawford, John by Captain Buechler, "JC and JD back together again....."
15. Jackson, Glen by Captain Mendoza, "Great short game !"
16. Mercer, Doug by Captain Buechler, "Another Brilliant selection..."
17. Highsmith, Bill by Captain Mendoza, "Wanted at 11, this is a steal, he is playing great"
18. Harper, Scott by Captain Buechler, "Great addition, plays great with Bigcat"

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